FreeAudiobookCodes.com is the BEST way to give away ACX codes for your audiobooks!


Frequently Asked Questions:


How much does it cost?

$12 per title, $55 for 5 titles, $99 for 10 titles, or $450 for 50 titles.


What's the difference between this and Audiobook Boom?

Audiobook Boom is the legacy service that’s based around a weekly email to subscribers.

FreeAudiobookCodes.com is the next generation where free audiobook are available on demand. As a listener, you can go any time day or night and find something to listen to, absolutely free!

Authors love the new service because they have more control over who gets codes and how they want to distribute them. And no worrying about email open rates or clickthroughs!

Do people who get codes have to leave reviews?

Nope, though we do encourage it. Per Amazon’s terms of service, reviews are optional. However, if you’re an author, you may opt to require the requestor to provide their audible review profile. That way you can pick the right people to listen to your book!


If you’re listener, we strongly encourage you to leave reviews! It’s the least you can do for a free listen! And other authors might be more inclined to give you a book if they see a pattern of reviews.

Do we get paid for redemptions?

Maybe. For any books published (in other words, released on Audible) before March 26th, 2020, you DO get paid for redemptions. Books published after that, you do not.


Do you support Findway or other non-ACX codes?

Not yet. That's going to be a future development. Right now, we only support ACX codes.


Do I get ANY information about the people redeeming my codes?

Authors can choose to give out codes without asking for any information or they can request an email and an Audible review profile link. All this in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


So I can re-upload a new set of codes? At no additional cost?

Of course! We think it's silly to nickle and dime you by charging for extra codes. Simply grab the latest .csv file from your ACX dashboard, edit your book, and upload it as-is. We do the rest. Do NOT edit the file! We know how to handle previously redeemed codes. Just grab the file from ACX and upload it. Seriously, we got this.


Great! How do I start!

Create an account and get started as a listener or as an author. Or both!